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Georama of who?Edit

The Georama of the characters [listed in order] is here. Also the rewards from correctly placing their houses is here.

  • Request: Cacao would like to be surrounded by both the sound of the river and that of trees.
  • Reward: After playing a song to you on his guitar, Cacao tells you about the man it was about; Fudoh, the mighty warrior. He then gives you the Odd Tone Flute, the key to summoning the Killer Snake.

  • Request: Baron would like to hear the rushing of water... but he is quite deaf, so it would be best to put him near the waterfall.
  • Reward: After telling you about the history of Matataki Village and himself, he will give you a Gourd.

  • Request: Pao would like to be placed near to Peanut Pond, the one near Wise Owl Forest.
  • Reward: After a good meal, Pao gives you a Fruit of Eden.

  • Request: The couple would like a nice view from their Balcony, so place them on one of the Earths.
  • Reward: After a short scene, Ro will give you the Moon Grass Seed.

  • Request: Bunbuku would like to be near a watermill so that he can do his laundry.
  • Reward: If you kept the Candy from either Claude or Couscous, Bunbuku will trade it for an Ointment Leaf.

  • Request: Due to where Mr. Mustache came from, he would like to be placed somewhere surrounded by river.
  • Reward: Mr. Mustache will set up shop, and give you the Wise Owl Sword! ...For 3000 Gilda. All right, fine, 2500. No lower!

  • Request: He would like to be placed near to where Momo lives.
  • Reward: After a manly meal which Toan can hardly eat, Gob gives him the leftovers, a Frozen Tuna!

  • Request: Momo would like to be placed near Wise Owl Shop. Kye does too, as evidenced by what he starts to sing when Toan asks him...
  • Reward: After a brief scene, Momo will give you a Plant Buster attachment.

  • Request: He would like to be placed on one of the Earths.
  • Reward: He will give you either a Candy, Fire or Ice Attachment, or a Turtle Shell. You can also store things in the... grass he sits on...