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Brief DescriptionEdit

There are many villagers who reside in Matataki Village, and Brownboo Village as well. This is a list of these villagers. Georama for the houses will be listed in Georama. Also the things you recieve from correctly placing houses is in Georama.

List and DescriptionEdit

Baron is the mayor of Matataki Village.

Cacao is a musician. He plays the guitar and pipe, among other things.

Pao is a hunter.

Annie and Ro are an old couple.

Bunbuku and Kululu live together, and are brother and sister.

Mr. Mustache is the owner of the Wise Owl Shop.

Gob, by his own profession, is a master cook.

Kye and Momo live together. Momo is Kye's granddaughter.

Couscous is a large, pink creature, and due to his size, can never leave the house.